Gold & Silver Buyers Direct
With the recent tough economic times, fundraisers have become a great way for non-profit organizations to raise money. Gold & Silver Buyers Direct can help your organization or charity raise additional cash quickly by helping you run a gold buying event.

Most traditional fundraisers ask their participants to donate their time or money. Instead, your guests will have the opportunity to sell their unwanted gold, silver, and platinum jewelry for cash. We'll team up with your group to help generate flyers, create your guest list, and guide you through the necessary steps to have a successful fundraiser. Additionally, Gold & Silver Buyers Direct will also donate 10% of the total jewelry purchases made at your fundraiser! We will also give your guests an opportunity to donate the funds they receive from the sale of their jewelry. This can substantially help raise more funds than expected. There's no pressure or obligation to sell and we offer FREE appraisals. It's a truly win-win situation for everyone!


  • Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and Other Religious Group Fundraisers
  • Association & Club Fundraisers
  • Corporate-Sponsored Charity Events
  • Health-Related Fundraisers
  • Individuals in Need of Medical Assistance Fundraisers
  • Little League & Other Sporting Fundraisers
  • School Fundraisers
  • Trip Fundraisers
  • Youth Groups & Civic Groups
  • And Many More!
Call (785-409-9717) or email Gold & Silver Buyers Direct at and let us help your organization raise money today! 
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